POF for iPhone

To get the latest version of the POF iPhone App:

You can download it free from the iTunes store here

Minimum requirements:

iOS 11 (iPhone 5s and above)

Your Profile

To login:

If you have already registered for a POF account, you can login to the app using your username and password.

- If you do not have an account on POF, launch the app and tap on Sign up Now on the splash screen. Create your account and start talking to singles in your area right away!

To edit your profile:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Profile
  • Tap on Edit on the top right of the menu
  • Make the desired changes and tap Update Profile!

To access your messages:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Conversations
  • To read a message, tap to the right of the user’s image
  • Tap on the user’s image to visit their profile


To find mobile users near you:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Mobile Users
  • These users are online and accessing the site via the iPhone or Android app

To search:

You can search for users by location either with your phone’s GPS or your zip or postal code. Your exact location will never be revealed to other POF users. This feature uses your location to match you with POF members nearby.

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Search on the home screen
  • Tap Refine to narrow your search results

To add someone to your favorites:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on the user’s profile
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Add to Favorites

Managing your Images

To upload an image using the POF iPhone App:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Images
  • Tap on the camera icon on the top right corner
  • Tap on Take Photo or Choose Image

To make your image private:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Images
  • Tap Hide Photo under the photo you wish to hide

To make your image public:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Images
  • Tap the image you’d like to hide or unhide
  • Tap Public or Private under the photo you wish to unhide

To delete an image:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on Images
  • Tap the images you’d like to delete
  • Tap on Delete Photo under the photo you wish to remove

Managing Location Services & Notifications

To turn GPS on and off:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Go to Location Services on your iPhone
  • Select the POF app from the list and turn on/off Location Services

To turn push notifications on and off:

POF may send you push notifications when you receive a new message, when you are added as a favorite, or when someone wants to meet you. We may also notify you of local events.

  • On your iPhone (not in the app) go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • In the list of apps, select POF
  • There, turn the Alerts on or off
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