mandy & GREG, Married 9/2016

I had recently been devostated, and decided to look for a guy rather then settle for someone. the moment I saw him I knew he'd be a friend, by the end of the first date I knew I would have him in my life forever, after I heard him laugh out loud I knew I'd love him. I found the other part of my soul, by swallowing my pride and putting myself out there. He's amazing, his family's fantastic, his friends are a part of my world. All of the important things to me and just as important to him....his parents are his friends, his dog is now my dogs best friend...he takes care of me and my family and loves them like I do. we are getting married in September of this year....we haven't known eachother a full year, but our hearts have known eachother and have been looking for eachother our whole lives. I love him, like I knew I would love someone someday. He is my world and I've never felt more complete. I am greatful for falling into this site and finding my love.