Clayton & Kristen, Married 9/2016

I had been on Pof for awhile off and on, never really having too much luck in the dating department, so I had a when it happens it'll happen attitude towards dating and the Pof website. But then one day I got an alert that Derk19 viewed me and I caught her attention. So like every other person on the site, I checked out her profile before messaging her back immediately and was immediately taken aback about how gorgeous this woman was that was interested in me. So after checking out her pics, I read her profile, because just because if she was just a pretty face and no substance I knew it wouldn't work. But after the first few lines I was hooked. She didn't have a ton written, but what she had hooked me and made me want to know more. So after reading her profile a couple times and again checking out her pics, I messaged her. Luckily within a few minutes she messages me back and we exchanged about 4 emails the first day/night learning more about each other. Unfortunately she had to go to bed so Id have to wait until the next day to continue our chat. Our emails continued the next day and the day after that until I got up the nerve to ask for her phone number. From there the emails turned into texts, all day and night, and then before she went to turn in for the night I just knew I needed to call her to hear her voice. It was the most perfect sweet angelic voice Id had ever heard. We talked for about 30 minutes and I probably could have talked for hours but unfortunately she needed to go to bed. So the next few days we continued our texts and phone calls, learning numerous things about each other and more and more I was becoming infatuated with her. This was all around Christmas time so it wasn't too easy to try and link up our schedules, but we finally decided to meet up December 26th. As the man I took it upon myself to plan the date. I knew I wanted to do something special and fu, because she deserved nothing less than spectacular. We met up at Dave and busters, for a light breezy hang out. After a couple nervous minutes at first, we grew a lot more comfortable and all nerves went out the window. Time flew by and we had a great time. But unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and we had to part. The night ended with a nice kiss or two and a plan to meet up again the following Sunday. We went home and and called each other again later the same night. I knew this is the woman for me. I never believed in love at first sight but all my beliefs have been changed. We went out that sunday. And that Monday. And made plans for New Years Eve weds. After New Years it was pretty much official, that we were together. We both deactivated our Pof accounts. We spent every free moment we had with each other. We've gone on vacations to Boston, Las Vegas and the Dominican Republic. We went to a bunch of weddings together. We bought a house together. We fought cancer in our dog together. We've had great times and rough times together but together we got through them and have only become a stronger couple. She's encouraged me to be greater than I could have ever been. We constantly strive to make ourselves better for the other person. Our love is selfless. It's always about how we can make life better for the other person and it truly is wonderful knowing someone else cares more for your well being than their own. We plan on marrying in sometime September 2016, once we can afford it. Thank you plenty of fish, you have made two people very happy and brought us together in a world that we probably would have never met in real life.