Brianna & Keenan, Married 5/2015

Keenan messages me a few days after I had join pof I was hesitant because so far the guys that messaged me I wasn't really into but he was different in his approach so I gave him a chance. He asked me on a date and two days later we went on our first date. It was the best date I had ever been on. We sat and ate and talked and got those casual first date questions out of the way and neither of us were ready to go home so we decided to go for a walk along the river and we talked and laughed and it was like we had known each other. Even after we got to my apartment we say in the car and talked for hours. I couldn't wait to talk to him the next day and we went out on another date and from that day on we've been inseparable. We quickly fell in love and two years after we met I married a man that became my best friend