Eric & Emily, Married 6/2014

We were both coming out of lengthy relationships with incompatible people. It's so hard to start all over again, meeting a new set of parents, friends & co-workers. Sometimes you try to convince yourself that it's easier to "tough it out" instead of taking the plunge again. Thankfully, neither of us settled for mediocrity. I'll never forget receiving that first message. I had just biked home from a friends' house, and I read it right there in the parking garage, next to the bike rack. There was just something ... Different about Emily, I could sense it immediately. She was funny, intelligent & a little sarcastic, all things that attracted me from the start. We chatted for about a week before meeting, and although we could sense the chemistry, our first face to face was still a bit nerve wracking for us both. As the weeks turned to months, I knew early on that she was the one I'd been waiting for. Having just gotten out of a 3 year relationship, I knew what I wanted, but more importantly, what I didn't want. Some would say it was a whirlwind romance, but it was more a case of the right place at the right time. We later realized that in between our breakups & consideration of getting back with our exes, there was about a 2 week window that we could have met. And we did. Had I second guessed & not responded, had she messaged someone else instead of me, who knows what may have been. She later admitted that I was 1 of 5 POF members she had considered contacting. The other 4 don't know what they missed out on ! September 1st will mark 15 Months of Marriage (as well as her Birthday), and it has surely been the best 15 Months of my life. Every day with Emily is a blessing, and I owe that to POF. I met several girls online, but none as special as my Wife. Thank you for giving me the best life I've ever had. - E & E